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Code Of Conduct

PG College Of Nursing, Bhilai

Code of Conduct.

Here are some rules and disciplines whom every student of our college has to follow.

Duty Rules:-

  • Should leave hostel 15 mts prior to duty timing
  • Two sets of uniform to be maintained.
  • In duty time with out prior permission no student is permitted visit /attend OPD unless in emergency (with concerned ward-incharge permission).
  • In case of sickness emergency during duty time ward-incharge / responsible staff should be informed.
  • No student should bring any medicine /cotton gauze / syrups from hospital to hostel.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during duty.
  • Nails to be kept short.
  • Any mistake committed in ward should be reported in due time to doctors/ ward incharge / submitting to the class teacher and to the Principal to safeguard the life of patient.
  • Action will be taken by college management against such students if patient suffers due to negligence.
  • Students will be exempted from ward duty only if she is having unfit certificate.

Rules for Leave and Visiting:-

  • Home pass & out pass with time to be followed as per prior written rule will be informed weekly by Hostel warden /ward with time duration.
  • Out going registers are kept with the warden. After 7 p.m; no one will be allowed to enter the campus and campus gates will be closed at 7 p.m. At the same time absence from hostel without written permission after 7 p.m. and or absence from campus without booking out in the register kept at with warden, will be dealt with severe punishment/penalty.
  • Night pass: Only once in month & L.G /Parent should release from hostel & bring back to hostel.
  • Food: No food items from mess, cafeteria or from anywhere else are to be carried to the rooms. Fruits, nuts, sprouts, biscuits and pre-packed bakery and confectioneries can be kept in rooms. Tea/Coffee/ milk not to be carried in the rooms. If student is not well it can be carried in his / her flask with the permission of warden.
  • Kaizen Cleaning: For 15 minutes as scheduled from time to time, everyone including faculty & staff shall clean the zone allotted / workplace everyday. This includes hostels as well. No one shall throw wrappers, paper / plastic cups in the campus or outside except in the waste bins. If at all they are found, every person on campus is responsible and must pick them up and deposit in waste bin. It's a duty.
  • Conserving water and electricity: Ironing of clothes is not allowed in the rooms. Taps and switches are to be closed / switched off when leaving the room and when not needed as mentioned earlier.
  • General behaviour must be polite and courteous to staff in the hostel and at all times. Arguments and demands / with mess people, faculty / staff is to the avoided.
  • Any conduct or behaviour not respecting / or misbehaving with "Hostel Incharge" of the institute shall attract intervention and action
  • Sundays: out pass from 7am - 6 pm (for all batches)
  • Last week of month - home pass (Saturday 2pm - Sunday 6.30 pm) for all batches. Late comers from any pass will have to pay fine, of Rs.100/- per day even if they are late for 5 min as well as inform office in time.
  • Special Pass: Marriage or engagement of own brother or sister 1 special prayer with proof. Wedding card (in case of wedding) should be submitted two days prior with fax/ actual letter e-mail from parents {fax no. 0788- 2241738}, e-mail: Copy of approval letter to be submitted to the class teacher or warden. Extra leave other than University approved holiday need to be compensated as per Indian Nursing Council norms Before course completion.

Resposibilities of Local Guardians/Parents:-

  • Should attend the students whenever she is admitted required.
  • Should come to the hostel to take her & leave her in hostel for any leave or pass.
  • Should help us when required. (In case of emergency/hospitalization).
  • One L.G. is permitted to take responsibility of one student only.