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PG College Of Nursing, Bhilai

About Our Hostel.

The hostel is situated behind the college and surrounded by a beautiful rose garden and pond etc. The hostel surrounding is conductive for study. The hostel has 8 wings having adequate number of rooms for the students. Each room accommodates 2 students which is furnished with 2 beds with dressing table, 2 tables, chairs, shelves, 2 wall cupboards etc. 24 hours water and electricity supply, hostel warden resides in the hostel itself which adds to the security of the students. Apart from the hostel warden, sufficient cooks, sanitary workers, gardeners are available. Neat and tidy mess attached with two dining halls is present in the ground floor. The recreational and sports provided to the students for their all-round development. Apart from the hostel library, sick room facilities are provided to the students. The students have to bring the following items at the time of admission-

  • Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Pillow case
  • Mosquito Net
  • Bed sheet (2 pairs)
  • Door & window curtain (Maroon colour 2 pairs)
  • Umbrella
  • Torch and watch (with showing second)
  • Shoe rack. Towel clips
  • Plate, katori, glass, cup, spoon etc.
  • All Out
  • Towel clips
  • Limited luggage

The General Rules (To be followed by our students)

  • Allocation of Rooms: Institute will allot the rooms on the basis of certain norms and all the students have to accept the same. Exchange of rooms once allotted will not be permitted. Students found occupying different rooms other than the ones allotted to them shall invite unpleasant actions.
  • Cupboards / lofts / cots / tables / racks / walls and floors etc. are to be maintained without stains or scratches. Clothes are to be folded properly and arranged neatly inside the cupboard. No wet clothes to be dried outside rooms. Clothes have to be dried in the allotted space.
  • Materials: Materials like plastic buckets, dustbins, mugs, bathing stools, brushes, brooms etc. are to be maintained absolutely clean at all times. Mattresses, pillows and its covers are to be kept clean and tear free.
  • Fixtures like towel hanging rods, pegs, soap stand, mirror, wash basin, bookrack, window panes, mosquito nets, fans, light points, switch boards, tops of flush system etc. are to be maintained clean at all times.
  • Any damage is found in rooms a fine of Rs.500/- will be charged for the cost of replacement. If cupboards, tables / lofts and other items are damaged, the cost shall be recovered from the students.
  • Any sort of breakages in hostel rooms (i.e. bulbs, chairs, tables, beds, pillows, window glasses etc.) are to be replaced by the concerned student(s).
  • Iron, toaster, oven, water heater, tea / coffee maker or other high voltage electric equipments are not to be used in hostel rooms. If found, such students will face stern disciplinary action beside confiscation of the items and a fine of Rs.500/- will be charged.
  • Keeping mobiles is strictly prohibited, if found, disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Keeping jewellery (gold) walkman, personal tape recorders are not permitted.
  • Wastage of electricity, water etc. by leaving the fans, bulbs, tubes and other electricity consuming items and water taps etc on when inmates are not inside will be strictly dealt and will attract disciplinary action.
  • Walls / windows / doors etc. No nailing or posters on these are allowed. Doors and window panels are to be kept clean at all times. Sitting on the windows / on the railings and terrace are not permitted.
  • Rooms must be kept clean and tidy at all times. The toilets are to be kept clean and put sanitary pads wrapped with paper in dust bin. Proper detergents/ cleaning liquids/ disinfectants are to be brought for cleanings. These are to be purchased by students & cost shared equally by occupants.
  • Hostel terraces are not to be visited.
  • Visitors are not allowed inside: Visitors are to be met only on Sundays at the visitors reception. Class exemption is not allowed even if parents visit. Students are to inform the warden one-day in advance regarding these visits. Parents are also not allowed to visit hostel rooms.
  • If students are late after leave or home pass after 4 pm they will not be entertained in hostel unless having written permission from Principal/Office.
  • Trespassers: Only the inmates and authorized staff / faculty are allowed entry to the hostels.
  • Paper vendors, dhobis, milkmen, computer mechanics, postal and courier people and others are not allowed to enter the hostels.
  • Waste bins: Waste papers / liters, wrappers, dust etc. cleaned out from rooms is to be deposited by room occupants in the bigger waste bins kept on each floor. Similarly napkins and the like are to be wrapped in polythene paper /bags and deposited. Insoluble materials are not to be thrown into water outlets or commodes.
  • No day scholars/ teachers are permitted to park their vehicles in front of hostel, visit Hostel rooms & enter through hostel to college campus.
  • Dress: Everyone is expected to be in decent and clean dress while in hostels and in the mess. But must be in formal/regulars as per dress code outside the hostel.
  • One set of door cotton (maroon colour) & two sets of window curtain to be brought by students shared by room mates in particular room.
  • If any items /food stuffs to be purchased no guard is to be sent outside without wardens information & that to be within 4-6pm only.
  • Extra electricity bill will be charged in summer season by students using coolers and will be borne by students themselves.
  • All the postals and parcels will be handed over to students duly checked by concerned authority/ office.

Mess Discipline

  • Students are not to waste food and must maintain discipline during meals.
  • Students should avoid shouting, loud laughing and discussions in the mess.
  • Students must be in neat and decent dress as per the dress code. Bathroom chappals are not allowed in the college and hostel premises.
  • Students have to dine in the mess only and they are not allowed to carry food out of dinning hall & if found fine of Rs. 25/- will be charged.
  • Food items from outside mess, canteen or anywhere else can not be taken inside the dining hall or rooms.
  • If the students are going out and not dining in the mess, prior intimation to the messatleast one day in advance is to be given in order to avoid wastage of food.
  • Mess fees can be increased at any time as per price of food.
  • Students have to be courteous to the mess staff.
  • Students are to write complaints / suggestions if any regarding the mess service in the register kept at the counter.
  • No food items, snacks, tea, coffee etc. be carried to the academic building from mess or cafeteria.
  • All students are expected to pay mess fee on or before 10th of every month.