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Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

Huge lecture halls with proper seating capacity. All the lecture halls are quite spacious; the teacher can reach to each and every student comfortably and observe the activities of students. The lecture halls of the institute is fully equipped with audio visual aids, LCD, OHP, Models, Charts, specimens, slides and other related teaching aid materials.



The library offers a calm and quiet environment for peaceful study.The library is full fledged with professional and 10,000 textbooks helpful for students reference. The library has a seating capacity of 300 students at a time. The library has got internet facility round the clock. It has huge number of Indian and foreign journals, magazine, Newspaper. The library can be used by the students till late night hours.


Conference Hall

College also has conference hall with a seating capacity of 200 students and fully equipped with audio visual aids, A.C., movable conference tables, L.C.D and other necessary accessories for effective teaching and learning purposes. It is utilized for seminars, workshops, conferences, cultural activities etc.



College possess very good laboratories for fundamental nursing, community health nursing, maternity nursing, anatomy and physiology, medical surgical nursing lab for advanced procedures, pathology and microbiology, nutrition nursing in the ground floor. The laboratories are completely equipped with items required for practical as per syllabus. All the laboratories are constructed with keeping in mind their compatibility as each laboratories are equipped with fresh air inlet and adequate space to accommodate more than 50 students during practical hours.

Here is a list of some laboratories:-

  • Fundamental of Nursing Lab, Advanced Medical Surgical Lab with Mock OT
  • Community Health Nursing Lab
  • Maternity & Child Health Nursing Lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Anatomy & physiology Lab
  • Microbiology and Biochemistry labs
  • Computer Lab
Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are conducted for weak students after the first terminal examination based on their performance in the first term examination after college hours. Special classes are also conducted to motivate the bright students.

Computer Lab

Computer Training And Web Access

The institution has kept its target of providing 1:1 computer to the student during their computer exercises as additional input to the students to cope up with the challenges of future. Apart from formal course work requirements in prescribe working hours.
The institute is desirable to provide necessary advance computer Knowledge, training time slots beyond the institute working hour.

Guest Speekers

Guest Speaker Programmes

For senior classes, there is an exposure to distinguished speakers from different walks of life on a regular basis in the field of Nursing administration, Education and research.

Repographic Facilities

Reprographic Facilities

College campus has I.S.D & S.T.D , Xeroxing, Fax, E-mail & internet facilities for students. The students can use these facilities round the clock.


Transport Facilities

The college has its own transport facility for taking students to clinical areas, picnic, shopping and hospitals etc. It runs on no profit no loss basis.

Other facilities


For the allround development of students, a wide range of facilities for recreation and creative activities is provided for the students. The basic facilities are available for organizing sports viz cricket, hockey, football, tennis, basketball & indoor sports like chess, table tennis, carrom etc and for other cultural activities.